Innovation in Progress At Bluewolf's Rep Rides Summit

May 15, 2015

At Bluewolf, we are constantly underlining the importance of employee engagement and market differentiation, which we achieve by providing lasting value to our clients. Last week, we proved that we walk the walk.

We hosted our internal Rep Rides Summit in Miami, bringing together 38 Pack members from three continents to brainstorm around a revolutionary offering aimed at helping our clients get results now. 

Sixteen nonstop hours of content, 13 gallons of coffee, and five deliverables later, our vision finally came to life.

At the most basic level, we defined, designed, and built a solution to capture insights from an end-user’s day-to-day what we call a Rep Ride. During a Rep Ride, a Bluewolf employee shadows a client's employee to gather information about what actually happens on the job. For example, how many calls is a customer service representative making each day? How long do salespeople spend with clients face-to-face?

The information gathered provides essential insight that eventually drives our implementation strategy. The goal is to align the implementation to a client's existing processes in a way that directly improves efficiency across every touchpoint.

With Rep Rides, we can help clients identify efficiency gaps in their employees’ workflows, prescribe solutions to overcome complexities, and measure the efficacy and impact of our solutions on their business outcomes.

At our Summit, we not only standardized and improved the Rep Rides process; we also devised a platform as part of our methodology to serve as a central repository for all information we gather. The value of this? First, clients can compare a manager’s or an executive's perception of what is happening within their organization to the reality presented by the data. Furthermore, clients can benchmark growth and development over time, and see how changes impact specific business outcomes. 

Rep Rides are a huge differentiator. It is a platform for collaboration, visibility, and alignment within organizations that drives change over time. Beyond that, it’s an opportunity to gather, analyze, and create standardized benchmarks for various industries, functions, geographical locations, and countless other segments. Our hope is to extend the solution to inform and equip companies to be able to improve their business processes and better engage customers.

We are very much looking forward to the next iterations of Rep Rides. At the Summit, I was blown away by the diversity of strategic thinking our Pack brought to the table, as well as our collaborative effort in honing the solution to provide what our customers want most: value.

Take a look at the highlights from our time at the Summit. Want to learn more about our methodology and solutions? Connect with our experts.


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