How to Transform Your Business with the Top Two AppExchange Apps

March 6, 2018

More than just a place where apps can be bought and sold, the Salesforce AppExchange is at the center of an ecosystem built around the Salesforce platform. The newly established Salesforce AppExchange Partner Program and Salesforce Platform Fund accelerate the virtuous cycle of best-in-breed app development. If you don’t already know what you’re looking for to suit your needs, you may be overwhelmed by the more than 3,000 apps available to choose from. Exploring the AppExchange is a part of your Salesforce journey, so here are some tips for how you can take advantage of it.

Build better apps.
Developers can choose among hundreds of free applications that are distributed as unmanaged packages. With full access to source code, you can modify or extend apps as needed, instead of building them from scratch. You can also augment Salesforce or create new applications with Lightning Components, using the Lightning App Builder.

Be mindful of platform compatibility.
Many of the products on the AppExchange are plug-and-play or out-of-the-box, but know that set-up isn’t always as straightforward if you have a highly customized Salesforce org. Understand what you’re investing in, and be sure components are compatible with what you already have.

Consult a partner.                                        
ISVs and Salesforce have their own annual release schedules that present new possibilities and add new capabilities. It’s helpful to have a trusted consulting partner who can identify the best-in-class solutions that are the right for your company’s platform requirements and knows which capabilities to seek out for specific use-cases. 

Improve user adoption.                                        
Salesforce evangelists within a company, such as administrators or IT, can look to the AppExchange for solutions that extend and reinforce company-wide platform adoption. See what products are available to enhance employee experience and encourage employees to stay in the platform. The AppExchange is useful as a first stop to see what could help.

As part of Bluewolf’s sixth-annual The State of Salesforce report, we asked over 1,800 Salesforce customers to name their top AppExchange partners. The top two ranking solutions–Conga and DocuSign–represent how vital the speed and ease of digital workflows and processes are for both the employee and customer experience. From document generation to digital signature, Conga and DocuSign cover the entire range of challenges most commonly cited by Salesforce customers–managing relationships, updating and finding information, and collaborating.

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