How To Be Essential To Every Customer With Connected Commerce

Announcing A New Fullforce Solution from Bluewolf, an IBM Company

What does it mean for a brand to be chosen by a consumer? Not just once, or every once in a while, but every time without considering an alternative? We believe it means providing experiences so valuable that they feel indispensable–in a word, essential. People want to feel that the experiences they have with a brand are so enjoyable, helpful, or easy that given the choice, they really don’t want to live without it. 

So, how do brands become essential to their customers? 

Companies today need a smarter way to connect with their customers and deliver on their expectations. They must create connected and personalized commerce, marketing, and customer service experiences while also meeting omnichannel demand and fulfillment expectations with scale, speed, and return. Brands must focus on leveraging emerging technologies, data, and AI to transform the way they work. The future of retail depends on a brand’s ability to be “smarter” —using the right insights, customer-centered platforms, and intelligence to deliver experiences that meet and exceed shifting customer demands with agility and impact. 

Consumers and business buyers alike expect seamless, omnichannel brand experiences. But omnichannel retailing has introduced new operational challenges, particularly in regards to inventory management, order management, and fulfillment. How can brand deliver on customer expectations for 2-day free shipping and other flexible fulfillment models while maintaining margin?

A customer-first experience meets the intelligent supply chain to deliver connected commerce

We are proud to announce the launch of AI Now™ for Connected Commerce, a Salesforce certified Fullforce solution that helps retail and consumer products companies become essential and maximize the value of their customer relationships.

AI Now™ helps brands to personalize the customer experience—offering the right product at the right time, and on the right channel—while optimizing inventory allocation, assortment planning, and fulfillment operations across all selling channels, ultimately creating a more agile and customer-centered organization.

The solution connects Salesforce Commerce, Marketing, and Service Clouds with IBM Watson Supply Chain AI solutions, providing intelligent order management, price promotion and supply chain solutions. 

AI Now™ for Connected Commerce unites the IBM industry-first view with Salesforce’s customer-first offerings to give brands access to data across the enterprise and every customer touchpoint. This means brands can:

  • Provide a connected customer experience across all channels 
  • Increase rate of conversion versus abandonment
  • Improve performance through order fulfillment and pricing optimization
  • Manage global inventory with smarter assortment planning and distribution
  • Optimize logistical cost, capacity, stock out avoidance and markdown avoidance
  • Maximize the value of every customer relationship

“The combined intelligence of IBM and Salesforce’s AI-powered platforms can truly transform the retail experience by harnessing insights across the enterprise, customer journey, and supply chain to deliver on customer expectations with scale, speed, and return” said Sandeep Singh, VP and Retail Industry Leader at IBM. 

“Through the strategic vision and partnership of both companies, we have developed a specific industry approach that can fundamentally transform the way our retail and consumer products clients engage with their customers through agile, cross-channel retailing and operational agility.”

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