How to Support Agents Through A Call Center Transformation

Article was written by Simon Shaw, Customer Service Director

As more companies embark on journeys to digitally transform their contact centres, the bulk of their agents’ work will be dealing with cases that have already been passed through from a self-service channel. In order to manage these cases effectively, agents will have to tap into their emotional intelligence and creativity to effectively deal with customers that have quite possibly, fallen between processes, become frustrated, or are seeking advice or redirection.

Contact center agents inherently want to put the customer first; it is a key trait for their role. If agents are uncomfortable or feel ill-informed through any part of a digital transformation project, it can feel as though they are already failing the customer on some level. As more companies turn to AI for support in the contact center and simple, routine requests are offloaded to self-service channels, it’s important that agents feel supported throughout the process of implementing new technologies and capabilities.

Here are three ways to support your employees during a digital transformation project:

1. Keep people involved from day 1

Change management and adoption of technology is key to a successful implementation. Ensuring that employees are involved from the beginning in shaping the project keeps teams invested in a shared goal and ensures that the most pressing problems experienced by front-line agents are addressed with the new solution. These agents regularly interface with customers and understand the intricacies between the contact center and customers, and can provide invaluable insights and suggestions.

2. Early, continuous, and open communication

Historically, agents have not been pulled into the planning early on and are instead being told after-the-fact that a change is being rolled out in their organization. Many of these communications are met with confusion or resistance to change. Keeping an open line of communication allows teams to come together on a focused goal, and can also reduce resistance to change later on and result in quicker adoption of new solutions.

3. Identify your champions

We often think of champions as the strongest performers in your organization. However, the best champions can sometimes also be the longest-standing member or least experienced. When there’s a distributed mix of internal champions supporting a digital transformation project from the inside-out, you can anticipate possible oversights and garner greater enthusiasm for change..

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