How Customer Service Leaders Are Going Social

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Janine Carlson, Marketing Services Client Advisor, writes for My Customer on the growing importance of social in customer service. 

The way consumers engage with a company’s customer services is changing. Fed up with remaining on hold and chasing unanswered emails, customers are increasingly relying on social media channels to connect with a company’s customer service departments.

However, for many businesses, these social media platforms are still failing to satisfy the customer’s concerns and queries. According to one survey, 56% of consumers want a response on social media within 30 minutes. However, another survey reported that two-thirds of consumers needed to reach out at least twice to get a response from customer services departments. Clearly, customer expectations are not being met. To bridge the gap, businesses need to invest in the tools that can prioritise these conversations and support their customers, which can ultimately help their bottom line.

Recently, marketer Rob Begg of Salesforce and I spoke with executives from various industries who had one common goal: to put their customers first and embrace social customer service. The discussions revealed four trends which can help bolster your social management, enrich your case management process, drive a better customer experience, and even turn customers into advocates.

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