How the Best Sales Teams Use Salesforce

Over half of salespeople see innovation potential in Salesforce, but 34 percent don't believe their company is committed to making the most of its investment in Salesforce. As Bluewolf's fifth annual The State of Salesforce report reveals, Sales reported the largest year-over-year uptick in perceived innovation potential in the Salesforce platform. For industry leaders looking for insight into how they can fuel their sales teams' performance, below are three actionable insights into how the best sales teams use Salesforce.

Embrace Automation for Better Forecasting and Revenue Gains
Over half of companies surveyed described their most essential applications as intelligent, able to anticipate and either take or suggest the next action. While certainly a step in the right direction, 30 percent of Sales respondents are still struggling to derive insights from Salesforce due to poor access to different types of data, including data outside of Salesforce. With technologies like Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson, companies of all sizes can access their data and apply insights across the sales funnel and into intuitive, automated employee experiences that can power valuable customer moments. 

Make Opportunity Management Intuitive, Not Mandatory
While the majority of salespeople believe their company is dedicated to making the most of Salesforce, only the best companies are investing in making Salesforce easier to use by ensuring their salespeople can do their jobs from anywhere, on any device. 67 percent of salespeople believe they could spend more time selling if opportunity management were optimized for multi-device, multi-channel use. When salespeople believe they can run an entire sales cycle from their phones, companies are almost three times more likely to see cost reductions and twice as likely to see revenue gains as attributable to Salesforce.

Empower Sales to Sell, Not Enter Data
The best companies are using data quality as a competitive advantage. Among companies that report revenue gains and cost reduction as business outcomes attributable to Salesforce, 93 percent of salespeople say Salesforce is easy to use. In contrast, 79 percent of salespeople regularly spend time during their workday inputting the same data into multiple systems, which increases the risk for human error to affect companies' data quality. A company-wide investment in data quality, management, and standards empowers Sales to sell smarter and faster.

To see the best results, the best sales organizations are empowering their salespeople with universal access to information--whenever, wherever, on any device--and developing intelligent applications that provide speed and ease to the entire sales process. 

For more insights into how the best Sales teams are using Salesforce, download the full report.

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