How the Best Companies are Budgeting for Salesforce

March 10, 2017

This year's The State of Salesforce report found that an overwhelming majority of Salesforce customers are committed to making the most out of their investments in the platform: 96% of customers see innovation potential in Salesforce, and are continuing to invest in order to see business outcomes. Here is how the best companies are investing in Salesforce in 2017, and where they need to allocate their budget to stay competitive. 

Investment in Integration and Core Clouds Top Budget Allocation in 2017
58% of companies have either integrated or plan to integrate Salesforce clouds, and for good reason: 39% of companies that have integrated clouds cite their data as a competitive advantage or strategic asset. Coupled with increased investment in the core Clouds—Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Clouds--the best companies are also getting the most out of the promise of the cloud, experiencing increased visibility, improved employee experience, and overall revenue gains. 

Increase investment in:

Salesforce Sales Cloud ROISalesforce Service Cloud ROISalesforce Marketing Cloud ROI


Companies Must Increase Investment in Analytics
The best companies are integrating clouds, pulling together more data, and look ahead at new ways they can innovate on the platform. However, an influx of data can be a hindrance if companies aren't also investing in analytics that make data useful and actionable for all employees. This year, over a third of companies are not increasing their investment in analytics.

Salesforce Analytics Trends in Investment

After integrating clouds, the best companies are investing in analytics that make sense of the data they have now, and augmenting it through analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools. A strong handle of data analytics will help set the stage for more intelligent applications—today, nearly half of companies don't believe their core applications to be intelligent, able to anticipate and take or suggest next best action. 


No matter where you are on this maturity curve, take the data you have access to now and leverage analytics and BI to orchestrate the next best action across your organization. The goal, as always, should be progress, not perfection. 

For more global data on how the best companies use Salesforce, download The State of Salesforce report today.

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