How to Ace Your Next Tech Interview

May 30, 2017

Preparing for any interview is no simple task, but it can be especially tricky to navigate them in the high-tech space because every organization assesses these expansive skillsets in different ways. This can include coding challenges, whiteboarding sessions, trivia questions, or pair-programming labs. No matter what the approach, the objective remains the same: use this opportunity to showcase your technical expertise. 
While you may not know exactly what will be expected of you when it comes to the actual interview, you can still keep some key points in mind when preparing. Bluewolf's Global Talent Manager and Senior Technical Recruiter, Nick Ronzino, and Sr. Director of Technical Services, Gene Koopman know what it takes to ace any type of technical interview. For anyone thinking about or currently applying for a new job in tech, here are five tips both Nick and Gene recommend to help you effectively prepare for your interviews:
Bring your laptop
While it's customary for the interviewer to notify you beforehand of any coding assignments or exercises, it never hurts to come prepared. Plus, if the opportunity arises for you to demonstrate a technique or idea you reference during the interview, you'll be able to pull it off without disrupting the flow of the meeting.
Speak to your knowledge
Be prepared to speak to your knowledge and expertise (i.e. APEX, Visual Force/Lightning, Data Migrations, Integrations). 
Do your research
Understand the basics of what makes the company platform, vision, and language different from other programming environments. Multi-tenancy is a huge differentiator; be ready to discuss the implications of governor limits on programming.
Understand the power of the platform 
Native capabilities in any coding language or platform are extensive and obviate much of what traditionally requires custom code. Know where the water's edge is and be ready to talk about it.
Know your limits
There are limits to what anyone can know or be prepared to answer. Be ready to say, "I don't know" and then just as quickly, "Here's how I would figure it out." The tech landscape is constantly changing, so in a tech interview, you're not just selling your current ability, but your resourcefulness and willingness to learn even more as you go.
Above all, have fun with it, be yourself, ask questions, and don't be afraid to admit when you don't have the answers. It's completely normal to be nervous, and you may even make a mistake, but no developer has ever woken up, built an entire application from the ground up and run it without a single bug. It's all about teamwork, collaboration, and communication, so treat these interviews as if you're already on the team. Jump right into problem-solving and think of the interview as less of an evaluation and more of an opportunity to show off your skills. 
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