Governance 'can unlock value and drive innovation'

June 1, 2017


Governance and change management can be challenging and confusing and internal IT departments should look to partner with external providers to enable services and platforms that improve productivity while protecting against fragmentation and security threats, a senior IT official from Bluewolf says.

Los Angeles-based Mike Sommer, practice lead for cloud governance and an enterprise architect at Bluewolf (an IBM company), told iTWire during a visit to Australia that when it came to enterprise technology, chief information officers often focused on the initial implementation and forgot to evolve and innovate over time.

This meant technology and employee usage of systems could quickly become outdated. "Having the right governance strategy and structure is one piece of the pie; you also need to build an innovative culture around it, built on internal trust and support," he said.

Sommers has put his Masters in International Relations and National Security Studies (University of Copenhagen), BA, Sociology (University of Victoria, BC) to good use spending time at IDG, as a CIO, and senior merger and acquisitions adviser. He added to his skill set by becoming certified in governance of enterprise IT before joining Bluewolf in September 2014.

“I have helped companies for more than 10 years to bridge the gap between business objectives and IT. My passion is designing and implementing solutions that enable organisations to transition from systems of record (on-premise applications) to systems of engagement," he said.

"I have completed 4 SFDC implementations, led two agile development teams as the project director, built out a cloud governance framework for a global aerospace company leveraging and designed a mobile device implementation strategy around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for a global telecom organisation. I believe that when technology is aligned with a company's purpose the result is simplicity of execution, streamlined operations, increased team productivity, and fully engaged customers.”

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