Get Creative: Pinterest and Your Job Search

June 27, 2012

As technology continues to evolve, many IT job seekers are straying from traditional resumes. For some time now, people have been building their professional network by connecting on LinkedIn and Facebook. However, Pinterest has started to play an important role in the process since its launch in March 2010, and has become the third most visited social media platform in the United States. Although it is largely used as a virtual corkboard to share items of interst such as fashion and recipies, many users and companies have changed the way Pinterest is used. Will it be the next big trend in social media?

Why are job seekers using Pinterest?

Many say that using Pinterest during the job search process is beneficial only for those applying for visually-oriented jobs like graphic design, but it actually offers numerous benefits for users seeking employment in IT and other fields. What can you do with Pinterest?

Show Creativity – Job seekers are not limited to a single-sided, black-and-white resume on Pinterest. Instead, they get to show their personality and creativity in addition to their qualifications. They can create a page with images that reflect their specific skill set and various jobs they have had. They can also share relevant trending videos, news articles, personal blogs and recommendations from LinkedIn.

Demonstrate Interest – Another novel approach Pinterest users have adopted is the re-pinning of content from company websites to show their interest in the company’s goals, initiatives, culture, and industry. A Harvard Business student created a Pinterest resume in an attempt to get hired by Pinterest, and was hired by a Pinterest analytics company soon after. Creativity and a unique approach to job searching may indeed pay off after all.

Add Another Dimension to a Resume – In the words of a recent CBS News blog post, Pinterest is helpful because "People start picturing you doing this actual work. Having a mental image of someone makes her seem more familiar—not a bad thing when you're job-hunting.” There is no need to do away with the traditional resume, though—job seekers can simply send their Pinterest URL to employers after submitting a resume or include the link on their resume or LinkedIn profiles as a supplement.

Browse Valuable Resources – There are an increasing number of technology boards to follow on Pinterest. The Windows page, for example, includes boards about tips and tricks and the evolution of technology. Boards like these are useful for educating users who are interested in the field—a valuable addition to the information found on the company’s main website.

How are employers using Pinterest to find candidates? 

Employers are using Pinterest to advertise their company and attract talent. The information they post about their culture, priorities, and involvement in their industry is widely available on Pinterest for potential employees to research. The GE board attracts candidates interested in technology by pinning pictures of a wide range of projects, from new mobile apps to gas turbine generators. Companies can also attract talent by creating boards detailing job openings. This is an easy, interactive way for potential candidates to find out about opportunities.

How do companies get started building their Pinterest page? They can engage with resources such as the Pinterest Marketing Board to see what other companies are doing and what their results are in order to improve their pages.

Pinterest is revolutionizing the way employers and job seekers interact. How will you use Pinterest?

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