Gamifying Social Collaboration: How we did it at Bluewolf

Find new ways to engage with your customers. Empower your employees. Break down company silos. Promote internal networking. Flatten company hierarchies. Bring social into your core strategy.

You’ve heard it all before. And you recognize the business value. But how do you implement the idea of “Going Social” at your company?


We are our own internal use case for the Social Enterprise. We set a goal of elevating our internal and external collaboration to new levels. And now we’ve built and incentivized a culture of knowledge sharing at Bluewolf. Here’s how we did it.

We started with evaluation. Through a company-wide survey, we bench-marked the state of our internal networking and identified the needs of our organization - more encouragement and training on how to best leverage the various social tools out there.

1. Pack Profiles

We're a professional services firm so our people are our brand. We put them front and center on our website through our ‘Pack Profiles.’ And now, we've made these profiles social and focused around knowledge (sneak peek here).

In this Facebook-era, we know people want to manage their own brands and their social profiles. That’s why every Bluewolfer is now managing his or her own Pack Profile from within Salesforce.

2. Gamification

We've incentivized our employees to go social. In other words, we’ve gamified enterprise knowledge-sharing by implementing Bunchball's Nitro for Salesforce. Today, our employees are earning points and rewards for internal and external collaboration. Here’s a couple examples of how people can earn points:

  • Replying to a Chatter post
  • Sharing a piece of content to their Twittersphere or LinkedIn community - all from within Salesforce
  • Publishing a blog post on our site:
  • Earning a 50+ level Klout score

3. Going Social Portal

We’ve provided a one stop shop with the tools, resources, and guidance our employees need in their Going Social journey. We know that people consume content differently. That’s why our Going Social Portal provides 2-3 minute video tutorials, SlideRocket presentations, and a pdf on how to get started on the major social channels. And we've tailored the content to our unique members of the Bluewolf Pack! This an innovative step in training and change management - more personalization without the paper tip-sheets and without getting overwhelmed by all the materials out there on the web.

Want to see the many aspects of our Going Social journey? Check out our #GoingSocial Pinterest board.

Wondering how we can help your enterprise in its #GoingSocial journey? Learn more about #GoingSocial Service Offering here. Feel free to contact us for a demo!

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