Five Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Salesforce Org

March 8, 2018

Article by David Cotten, Sr. Delivery Director, Bluewolf, an IBM Company

If you’re not continuously investing in innovating your use of Salesforce, the value and return of your investment will remain static–or worse, decrease. To stay competitive, Salesforce orgs need regular and strategic review to ensure that it’s continually aligned with your companies’ changing needs and expectations. Here are the five reasons why:

  • Your business continually changes – Companies often focus on implementation go-live and then sit idle until technical or business needs dictate additional work. Your business never sits still, and neither should your pursuit for innovation. A deep look into your systems’ current state can discover where your org has fallen out of sync and course-correct to unlock new levels of business performance.
  • Consider when emerging functionality makes sense – From The State of Salesforce report, 46% of the C-Suite respondents said the most important factor when implementing a new Salesforce initiative is implementation time. System maintenance can pose challenges when new technology or emerging functionality is integrated quickly without consideration to existing technology processes, causing more steps to get to a goal or affect adoption if there are too many input or access points.
    Don’t implement technology for technology’s sake, review what technologies could be sunset in your system–and what the business outcomes your company is trying to achieve. This will help prioritize the technology roadmap that will maintain your competitive edge.
  • Drive better adoption – Just because your company has invested in Salesforce doesn’t mean your users are invested in using it. Empathizing with users on how they navigate business and technology processes–taking into account desires and barriers to productivity–can help apply a more targeted change management strategy that drives better user experience and successful adoption.
  • Avoid code degradation and breakage – Custom code is common, but with more code comes more complexity. Issues arise from deploying new code and functionality into production. As businesses expand and scale, code governance becomes an issue without regular oversight, and causes degradation and breakage of mission-critical functionality for customers and your organization. Code quality reviews bring awareness to aging code and the deployment process, providing recommendations when code need to be adjusted or overhauled.
  • Keep data quality high – In today’s business, data is your customer and the most valuable asset in delivering an exceptional customer experience. But no matter the size of an organization, data quality and access is an ongoing battle. From incomplete data input and changing data quality requirements, being vigilant with regular reviews on data tracking, methods and processes can keep data quality high, and provide users intelligent insights that connect customer experience to value.

As part of Bluewolf Beyond™, our strategic innovation service for Salesforce, Bluewolf’s Health Check prioritizes and details Salesforce initiatives so companies of all sizes have a clear path forward on their Salesforce journey. We align your investment to changing employee and company needs, help measure the ROI impact of Salesforce on your business, and support your business’ pace with new Salesforce releases and emerging technologies.

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