The Federal Government’s Future with IBM, Bluewolf, and Salesforce

Article guest written by Susan Wedge, Vice President & Partner for IBM GBS Public Sector

Imagine a world in which… the federal government has access to the #1 trusted digital platform, integrated with the industry's most innovative technologies, to drive successful mission outcomes and enable citizens, employees, and partners to connect seamlessly with information when and where they need it. IBM Bluewolf – in partnership with Salesforce – is making this a reality by delivering the connected enterprise to government, and giving agencies the power to imagine, design and build their futures now.

We’re combining the power of Bluewolf, IBM, and Salesforce to digitally reinvent government now. For more than 17 years, Bluewolf has been creating user experiences that drive a return on innovation with Salesforce. We bring the lessons learned from 10,000+ client success stories, more Salesforce certified employees than any of our competitors worldwide, and more than 150 project accelerators to successfully deliver the impact the federal government needs.

IBM has provided solutions to the federal government that change the way we work and live for decades. We are a leader in user experience design and are recognized globally as one of the top digital agencies. Our interactive experience studio in Washington, D.C. is dedicated to working alongside our government clients to fundamentally reimagine how they operate and interact. The solutions we co-create with clients are enabled by our technology assets and capabilities tailored specifically for government. This includes our on-premises artificial intelligence and automation as-a-service assets, integrated with Salesforce Government Cloud.

IBM Bluewolf – in partnership with Salesforce – delivers the expertise and technology assets that make the connected enterprise for government a reality now. Government agencies face ever-increasing pressure to transform service delivery and citizen interactions - all while delivering mission-critical outcomes for the American public. While organizations have been using Salesforce for years, they are continuing to evolve the ways they use it to address new business changes. In today’s world, a digitally reinvented federal government requires a different focus, new expertise, and innovative ways to deliver.


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