An Experience-Led Mindset Drives Salesforce Success

David Bauer - Managing Director, Client Engagement
Across every industry, the pace of digital business requires continuous innovation and automation to reinforce a customer-centric strategy. To meet the demand for rapid go-to-market speed, companies often deliver transformation initiatives with an outdated project-based approach–a start-to-end initiative that represents one moment in time. And it’s apparent: research shows that less than a third of CX initiatives are actually successful. 
As Salesforce becomes more robust–with new clouds, acquisitions, and increasing maturity– delivering linear projects to drive Salesforce innovation is no longer sufficient, particularly for companies using multi-org, cross-cloud, or other more complex instances of the Platform. 
To achieve the greatest value from Salesforce, an experience-led mindset is needed to exceed customer and employee expectations across every moment. It’s a belief that the brand experience is equally as important as the product or service your company sells, as well as a focus on the experiences your company delivers–through a process of continuous innovation–will result in the greatest impact to your business.
But, how do you know if your company has this mindset? Here are the key indicators:
  1. Does your company view digital transformation as an ongoing lifecycle, not just a moment in time or a standalone point solution?

  2. Are business outcomes aligned across departments responsible for delivery and lines of business?

  3. Does leadership support the fact that customer and employee experience are essential to the product/service you provide?

  4. Do they also believe that strategy and design are equally as important as technology?

  5. Does your company maintain an innovation roadmap built on end-to-end experiences?

To drive experience transformation, we’ve seen that an experience-based delivery approach is the most effective strategy to achieve innovative change with Salesforce. Even if a company has an experience-led mindset, many are largely under-delivering on business transformation initiatives because they are often confined to a project-based delivery approach, resulting in duplicative work and fragmented experiences across an organization. 
A series of projects or releases defined by new technology, collections of backlog items, or specific departmental needs too often result in a fragmented experience that is most visible to customers or employees.  Organizations looking to accelerate and innovate must embrace a model of delivering repeatable experiences across the enterprise.

Benefits of an experience-based delivery approach:

  • A consistent, dedicated team throughout your company’s transformation journey
  • Focused on experience-led impact, not deliverables
  • Designed to flex with changing business needs
  • Reduce resource gaps and costs
  • Remove siloed business unit workstreams with standardized tools and processes

Bluewolf’s Operating Model works to accelerate business innovation with a collaborative, iterative, value-driven, and complete approach to digital transformation. 

Under a single engagement model, clients get access to all of Bluewolf’s services to support and scale their strategic Salesforce initiatives. This begins with the tools and techniques to migrate to an experience-based delivery approach and accelerate value across our clients’ entire customer lifecycle.

To gain the greatest competitive advantage, the best companies are aligning their transformation goals with an approach that continually focuses on strategy, internal alignment, implementation, and ongoing experience management to drive the change they want to see.

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