Empower Your Agents with the Right Kind of Knowledge

When calling a company contact center recently I asked a question about my printer. There was a long pause, and the agent said, “Hmmmm... I have never had that question before, I’m not sure, let me check....” About three minutes later, she came back and gave me part of the solution, but did not completely solve my problem. I then shared what I had learned online about the issue and she again asked me to hold. I thought to myself, “I bet she does not have a very good knowledge base to help her find the right answers.” Eventually we solved the problem together, but my experience was not the best. I could have found better answers on the internet, or even on the company’s FAQs.

To remain relevant in today’s marketplace, companies must continuously innovate to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The catalyst for this innovation is employee engagement. Agents on the front lines know best what works for your customers—what engages them, what alienates them.

How do you get your agents engaged so customers are engaged? 

When an agent is better able to service their customer, they are more satisfied and engaged. One important way to better equip agents to meet customer expectations is to give them access to a robust knowledge management (KM) system. Today, customers can easily research your company, products, and services online, making them more informed when they contact an agent. Therefore, more than ever before, agents need to be prepared with the right information at the right time.


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