Does your Salesforce org need a check-up?

December 4, 2017

If you were to plan a major infrastructure upgrade to your Salesforce instance, would you commit time, resources, and costs without first understanding the business or technical areas that need improvement? The answer (I hope) would be no; but how would one get started in gaining a detailed overview and actionable plan that drives organizational transformation.

Our recent The State of Salesforce report showed that 86% of respondents believe they can use Salesforce to drive innovation in their business. However, creating a competitive advantage or accelerating new and measurable value for your business requires more than static processes and technologies. Keeping pace with the demand for improved customer and employee experience means continually looking for opportunities that improve business processes and systems.

To reach your future-state, you need a foundation based on an understanding of your users’ expectations, business goals, and technical limitations. With this understanding, you can ensure that your Salesforce org is continually aligned with your business. For the majority of our clients, this most often involves an upfront, detailed assessment to identify barriers that may be impeding innovation in their Salesforce instance.

For companies who have complex orgs and integrations, this type of exercise is an especially valuable opportunity to clean house, revisit old processes, align on organizational goals and challenges, and define an ongoing strategy to gain the greatest return on innovation. 

Here are four steps to establishing the foundation of your Salesforce strategy and implementation:

  • 1. Determine the business or technical focus areas where you want to prioritize your transformation; this can range from business alignment, to success metrics, and delivery excellence.
  • 2. Discuss the pain points impacting your business with key business stakeholders.
  • 3. Conduct a technical assessment to review your system org, including security, adoption, field, completion, system stability, and code quality, among others.
  • 4. Leverage your assessment findings to set expectations and designate your go-forward roadmap.

As part of Bluewolf Beyond™, our innovation strategy service for Salesforce, Bluewolf’s Health Check prioritizes and details Salesforce initiatives so companies of all sizes have a clear path forward on their Salesforce journey. We align your investment to changing employee and company needs, help measure the ROI impact of Salesforce on your business, and support your business’ pace with new Salesforce releases and emerging technologies.

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