Customer Experience Insights from Salesforce’s Tiffani Bova

June 16, 2017

Submissions are open for The Future Now Awards, which recognizes companies of all sizes and industries who are leading the innovation of employee engagement and customer moments with Salesforce. Meet our third featured judge, Tiffani Bova. As the Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist for Salesforce, Tiffani Salesforce customers reimagine how they can grow bigger and better with innovative business models and technologies that improve sales performance and customer experience. Previous to joining Salesforce, Tiffani was a VP, Distinguished Analyst and Research Fellow at Gartner.

What are Customer Experience leaders doing differently from everyone else?

Regardless of what executive survey you subscribe to, the importance of Customer Experience is undeniable. Building a culture which puts the customer at the center of its strategy requires a leadership team which understands how to put those aspirations into action. Many talk about customer experience as a single activity. However, those who realize that it really is the sum of all the various brands touch points will realize greater return on their investment.

What does customer experience innovation mean to you?

Many companies understand what technical and business model innovation means, yet many continue to struggle on pivoting from a product-led company to one which is more customer-led. When that type of conversation begins the result is amazing innovation which the customer values and rewards with their dollars and loyalty.

What is the most exciting innovation initiative happening at SFDC right now and the cloud industry at-large?

The greatest source of innovation comes from the amazing things our customer are achieving both with Salesforce and with cloud. And it has never been a more exciting time as we see AI completely transforming how businesses connect with their customers.

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