Creating an Agile Business Through RPM (Revenue Performance Management)

March 5, 2011

Have you heard of Revenue Performance Management? Eloqua's CEO, Joe Payne, unveiled the concept of Revenue Performance Management (RPM) at Eloqua's annual conference in San Francisco this past November. The full explanation is in Eloqua’s recent White Paper titled Revenue Performance Management: Re-Engineering The Revenue Cycle.

In a nutshell, RPM closes that oozing gap that has existed between marketing, sales, and customer service for years -- finally giving that coveted visibility into the full customer life cycle and allowing us to take appropriate action in near real time.

So what took us so long?

An investment of time and money is required to develop an effective RPM strategy (and ethos), but the payoff cannot be ignored. Eloqua reports that firms that have adopted RPM outperform S&P 500 companies with respect to cumulative revenue growth by as much as 43%.

Is RPM right for you and your business? If you're a B2B pl seeking to gain better insight into who your buyers are, want to have greater visibility into your sales funnel, and/or want more control over growth and cash flow...consider it.

How can Bluewolf's Eloqua Consulting Group help?

We are leaders in Agile Business and experts in the technologies that make Agile Business possible. Our phased approach to achieving RPM is proven:

Phase 1: Sales Pipeline Management
Phase 2: Demand Generation and Lead Management
Phase 3: Closing the Loop
Phase 4: Continuous Optimization

Contact us to discuss how we can implement RPM at your firm.

Download Eloqua's White Paper here: Revenue Performance Management: Re-Engineering The Revenue Cycle.

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