A Client Perspective: Lessons Learned from a Healthcare Transformation

July 30, 2014

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has greatly affected many Americans, and by extension, has had a significant impact on the insurance industry and healthcare providers. The passing of the ACA has prompted a shift from business-driven benefits to consumer-driven, with a single focus on serving the needs of individual consumers.

Bluewolf client Joint Commission Resources (JCR), helps global healthcare organizations improve care through evidence based solutions and achieve accreditation readiness. As a result of the Affordable Care Act and the changing economy, JCR needed to make some changes; namely, more efficient processes and systems, improved visibility, and better collaboration both domestically and internationally. 

JCR realized that they needed to bring in a team of experts; they knew that they wanted a partner with strong technical skills, but beyond that qualification, they weren’t sure how to choose the right partner to fit their needs. JCR executives wanted a partner that they could trust — but more than that, they wanted a partner to get personal with their business and their team.

I sat down with Amy Sobczak, Director of Business Systems at JCR, to get her insights into what it really means to embark on a business transformation journey, and why she chose to work with Bluewolf.

BW: Who are JCR’s customers? 

AS: Our customers are healthcare organizations, primarily hospitals, but also behavioral healthcare organizations and home care facilities. As a result, our customers are the nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and hospital administrators that run these facilities. 

BW: So what types of problems do you help your customers solve? 

AS: In a nutshell, we help organizations with quality improvement. Our customers constantly struggle with time spent interacting with patients vs. paperwork and regulations. JCR provides performance improvement techniques that make the work day more efficient. 

BW: Why did you decide to bring in a consulting partner?

AS: Our organization operated in silos. We’re a global organization, and every department and region was operating a little differently. We lacked centralized reporting and suffered from a lack of visibility across our customer base. We had a vision of a more centralized view of our customers that would also allow us to collaborate more.

BW: Why did you choose Bluewolf over another consulting firm? 

AS: Bluewolf understood our organization, and we felt that they could help get us to the next level of performance. Bluewolf consultants were professional, intelligent, and easy to get along with. They took the time to not only understand our business, but also understand our culture. Bluewolf asked us the hard questions that allowed us to see where we needed to go and helped us get to the next level.

BW: After working with Bluewolf, what did you find to be unique?

AS: Bluewolf comes in running as if you’re their only client. There’s a level of comfort that we don’t typically see with other partnerships. Bluewolf has never treated our project as a transactional relationship. Bluewolf has become a solid partner helping us evolve our technology and processes over the last few years. We feel confident that Bluewolf always has our back!

BW: Do you have any advice for other companies that are about to embark on a business transformation journey? 

AS: It’s a marathon. You have to pace yourself. I wish I had a diary of what we’ve accomplished, because there have so many improvements it’s hard to remember them all. Also, plan for and allow yourself to make mistakes. It’s important to share and celebrate even the small successes and milestones. It’s incredibly exciting and rewarding to be involved in transforming a business that ultimately provides a better experience for your customers.

Bluewolf believes that success is personal — and every partnership should be, too. To learn more about Amy and JCR's journey, watch our video and get the guide.

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