Case Study: Plymouth Rock Energy Moves Entirely to the Cloud

Plymouth Rock Energy’s customer base was rapidly growing, but the legacy database was unreliable and vulnerable to data glitches. The business had to mold itself to the constraints of the software rather than grow in the flexible way that its customers demanded. Plymouth Rock Chief Information Officer (CIO) Jonathan Adlerstein knew that he needed to make a change—and fast.

In response to Plymouth Rock Energy’s rapid growth, Adlerstein and his team determined that a call center was necessary. PRE selected Salesforce Service Cloud as the core CRM platform for the call center, and engaged Bluewolf to build an extensive Blueprint that mapped out a method and plan to build a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) application on the platform.

By moving to the cloud, Plymouth Rock Energy has established a first-mover advantage in a highly competitive market. Since the launch of the relationship with Bluewolf, Plymouth Rock Energy’s customer base has grown over 500%. Reps are now able to spend less time on tedious, manual processes and more time selling and talking to the customer.




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