Case Study: Huntington Bank's Leadership Embraces Change with Bluewolf's Agile Business Transformation

April 27, 2012

Huntington Bank was badly hurt by the financial crisis. The new CEO saw an opportunity to invest in growth by creating an effective customer referral process across 18 business units. Huntington Bank could not succeed without creating a single vision the whole organization could get behind and support. Huntington’s current processes and systems were not functioning well, as everything was done in siloes or manually on spreadsheets across five different customer databases that were not integrated. Huntington needed a system that would achieve a singular customer view throughout the entire company.

Huntington turned to Bluewolf to establish a transformation road map with an iterative implementation process. Bluewolf helped Huntington Bank incrementally roll out the Salesforce CRM system to the entire company. Together, Bluewolf and Huntington established a series of business champions to collaborate with the business units on the small increments of change for the overall project. Huntington was able to integrate 8,200 users on the same system so that the entire company could have one holistic view of their customers. 

Huntington was able to embrace cloud-based technology to allow for constant change and flexibility. The employees  adopted not only the successful technology, but also a cultural shift in the organization. The impact of the implementation was huge, increasing the number of referrals from one business unit to another, the quality of referrals, and the amount of time it took to turn a referral into a customer.

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