Bluewolf Takes its Pack Mentality to Local Communities

At Bluewolf, we’re all about our team—our Pack—and we like to extend this pack mentality to our local communities. On January 24th,five members of Bluewolf’s Knowledge Management and Marketing team took that mentality to the bank—the San Francisco Food Bank.

Bluewolf pack members spent the afternoon sorting and packaging both apples and black beans for 30,000 Bay Area families who receive wholesome foods from the food bank’s local pantries every week. Working in tandem with approximately 25 other volunteers, the Bluewolf team was able to contribute to this effort through sorting and packaging over 18,000 pounds of apples and 6,000 pounds of black beans.
It was a team effort from start to finish. Our Pack members joined forces with other local volunteers to build boxes, filter out bad apples, box up the good ones, and stack them on shipping pallets for distribution to local pantries across the Bay Area. 
“It was an incredible experience, both humbling and empowering. It’s amazing to see first hand what an enormous effort and the resulting impact that the workers at the San Francisco Food Bank make every day. And everyone can do their part,” said Jon Paz, a Bluewolf Pack Member and volunteer for the day.
The team already has plans for a second volunteering trip to the food bank and encourages everyone to do what they can for their pack. To learn more about the San Francisco Food Bank and how you can help this Bay Area charity, please follow this link to their website.
Interested in hearing more about Bluewolf Philanthropy? Volunteering at the food bank is only one of many social programs and activities that the Pack participates in. Learn more about Bluewolf Philanthropy at The Pack Gives Back.

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