Bluewolf Survey: Companies Go Social With Reservations

Investment in Social Media is High, but Many Question Ability to Manage and Measure

NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2011 -- Bluewolf (, the global agile consulting leader, announced today the results of its Social Enterprise Readiness Survey, an in-depth look at how B2B organizations are leveraging social media strategies and the concerns associated with its adoption.

“The data confirms many B2B organizations are indeed embracing social-smart processes/technologies, however, being social is more than technology -- its about people,” said Greg Kaplan, Managing Director, Bluewolf. “Bluewolf believes the social enterprise is an agile one that fosters ideas through collaboration, engagement and nurturing.”

Based on the survey’s findings, Bluewolf created a new white paper, “The Business of Going Social,” to help manage the concerns identified within the survey--particularly how B2B organizations, which are investing substantially in social media, can better manage and measure internal and external social programs. The white paper further asserts that a social enterprise should attempt to capture the free flow of thought and information among its employees, clients and customers – which each naturally shares in social settings. The mining of such data will foster dialogue, idea sharing and transparency to create a social enterprise with successful internal and external programs.

Bluewolf’s survey indicates that the majority of companies are becoming more social both internally and externally, and that these social strategies have the confidence of their employees, who largely support the idea that becoming a “social enterprise” is a necessity in today’s business world:

  • 60% of respondents believe that “every business” needs to be social
  • 61% of respondents list social media strategy as a “high priority”
  • 52% are extremely confident in their social media strategies

Signifying a major shift for B2B enterprises, organizations are giving employees more freedom and opportunities in social media engagement, enabling both internal and external collaboration:

However, business leaders are also concerned about their ability to own and manage their brand as they shift to a strategy of both internal and external collaboration. Among top concerns associated with “going social,” the survey identified:

  • Management and ownership of social media (58%)
  • Employing proper metrics and proving value (54%)
  • Loss in productivity (27%)

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