Bluewolf sets sights on cognitive

January 9, 2017

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Bluewolf CEO Eric Berridge discusses the place of cognitive technology in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Bluewolf, a Salesforce consulting firm IBM acquired last year, plans to emphasize cognitive technology in 2017.

"As I look at 2017, cognitive is going to be a driving force," said Eric Berridge, Bluewolf's co-founder and CEO.  "It's a big part of our go-to market."

Berridge said he views cognitive as an approach in which an enterprise makes sure it is leveraging all of its data -- data generated inside the organization, data obtained from third parties and social data. That data, once collected and parsed using a cognitive platform, holds the key to delivering exceptional customer experiences, he noted.

A cognitive platform can augment human interaction, according to Berridge. He cited the example of a call center agent wading through material or digging through a system to find an answer for a customer. Cognitive technology can help the agent find the answer faster, he said, adding that he sees Salesforce Service Cloud as one of the big use cases a cognitive platform can help automate.

Berridge said 2017 will kick off a decade in which organizations will shift their focus from back-office systems such as ERP to customer-facing operations.

"I think we are very quickly moving into a world where organizations realize it is the front end of their business -- their brand [and] how they interact with customers -- that ultimately will allow them to sell premium products in the marketplace and drive growth and margins," he explained.

Organizations making that transition can deploy Salesforce's customer engagement platform and use cognitive technology to drive "massive amounts of data through it."

Cognitive, however, isn't the only propulsive force behind Bluewolf's 2017 prospects. Berridge also cited IBM's international reach. As an IBM company, Bluewolf has representation and resources in every major city worldwide, he said.

"Our global outreach and ability to deliver service ... globally is greatly expanded," Berridge said. "That is where we will see a lot of the growth."


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