Bluewolf Launches New Jobs Initiative: Role Based Training

Bluewolf Launches New Jobs Initiative to Arm IT and Business Professionals with Skills Needed to Support Agile Enterprise

With New Role-Based Training Tracks and One-on-One “Office Hours,” Bluewolf Helps Employees and Businesses Quickly Meet New and Everchanging Market Demands

SAN FRANCISCO, August 30, 2011Bluewolf, the global agile business consulting firm, announced today a new role-based public training program that includes workshops and one-on-one ‘Office Hours’ with specialized consulting experts advising on a variety of important business and IT functions to help organizations and employees better adapt to rapid and ongoing change.

According to a recent McKinsey & Company report, the U.S. must create 21 million new jobs this decade to bring employment back to pre-recession levels. Social media has combined with cloud computing to ignite a revolution in the way technology enables business, but technological advancements constantly outpace the knowledge and skills of today’s worker. The result is a talent gap that prevents organizations and workers alike from reaching their full potential in today’s competitive market place.

Whether it’s businesses investing in talent or employees investing in themselves, it’s critical that they gain the expertise they need to adopt, adapt and continuously make the most of technological innovations as they emerge,” said Eric Berridge, Co-Founder of Bluewolf. “Companies that do so will take the lead in becoming agile enterprises that can quickly evolve to meet new competitive demands. Those who don’t, won’t.”

With an accomplished and highly respected training and change management organization, Bluewolf works with businesses and individuals to create a culture that embraces change and collaboration. Led by Bluewolf’s team of business process and technology experts, Bluewolf Training offers standard and customized role-based training courses and workshops for administrators and developers as well as management, marketing and sales professionals. They include:

  • Role-Based Classroom Training – Bluewolf offers role-based training tracks that target different functions within an organization. Employees can enrich their careers and adopt new skill-sets by taking a certification course or business processes workshop. Popular classes include Salesforce Administrator training.
  • Bluewolf Office Hours – After completion of public training, trainees will receive one free hour per week for up to three months of complimentary one-on-one sessions with a Bluewolf expert on Salesforce. Modeled after Apple’s Genius Bar, this unique service allows Salesforce administers to draw the most from their training and successfully apply what they’ve learned in the field in order to meet their organizations’ high demands.
  • eLearning – Bluewolf’s eLearning program delivers comprehensive content in real time by using short, digestible modular learning processes. Frequent interactions with dynamic content ensure high user engagement, understanding and alignment with business instance and processes to facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.
  • Private Training – Bluewolf offers private training courses onsite or offsite and workshops as a convenient way to engage teams in a three-day intensive program that offers more one-on-one time with expert consultants.
  • Custom Training – Bluewolf consultants meet with key stakeholders to discuss vital success criteria and blend it with underlying principles to understand internal processes and deliver customized materials, examples and exercises that apply uniquely to the company’s business processes.

“Embracing change is a key competitive advantage,” continued Berridge. “With the training and continued mentorship we offer, employees are poised for the kind of ongoing professional development that ensures their success and the success of the companies they work for.”

Contact Bluewolf today at (866) 455-WOLF (9653) or visit to learn more about Bluewolf’s training options.

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