Bluewolf is the largest Salesforce practice–now what?

December 22, 2017

What does it mean to be number one? It’s something Bluewolf has asked itself, since the beginning, 17 years ago, when we WERE #1, because we were the ONLY ONE.  

And today, as Salesforce’s longest-standing strategic partner, Bluewolf, an IBM Company, has the most certified Salesforce talent in the world. We couldn’t imagine a more fitting capstone to what’s been a historic year for Bluewolf–looking back to March, when IBM and Salesforce announced a global strategic partnership, launching our fixed-cost, fixed-timeframe implementation solution, Bluewolf Go, and our dedicated AI practice and solutions, and being named a leader in both the Forrester Wave report and IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Salesforce Implementation Services 2017 Vendor Assessment.

That’s all great.

But, really, it’s meaningless, and just window dressing, unless our services create outcomes for our customers.  And this is the hard part.  Where our focus as consultants values both strategy and technology, and where we strive to tie the two together.  Salesforce gets us halfway there. It remains the most innovative platform to transform customer experience strategies to customer experience realities. But working with businesses to define the outcomes that make it all worth it is where we really shine and differentiate ourselves from the commodity-based services that other firms offer.

What our certification numbers really mean is that we’re able to scale customer experience across the entire Salesforce solution in a quality-driven, trusting way. It also means that we use automation, with our patented Sightline solution, to automate the mundane tasks that other consultancies charge you an hourly rate for. Our leadership position comes with a responsibility to fulfill the promise of our Salesforce customer engagement centers, full-time local resources located around the world. With IBM iX, our customers have the world’s largest Salesforce practice and the world’s largest digital agency in one strategic partner to transform the customer experience, now and in the future. 

As we found from surveying over 1,800 Salesforce customers for our sixth-annual The State of Salesforce report, 88% are using the Salesforce platform to acquire and retain customers, above all other business goals. In the digital business era, a strategic focus on customer experience (CX) is now table stakes. More and more, we’re seeing a need for partnerships to not only manage customer-facing tech, but to transform it. And it’s that need for partnerships that has brought Bluewolf to where it is now. 

We’ve expanded into twelve new markets, including a new practice in Japan, working with international customers such as News Corp Australia and Linet, who are embracing business transformation to not only reenvision customer experience but also what they mean in their respective industries. And looking ahead, what’s to come is more global scale and going deeper with AI, as we see with WisdomTree and Autodesk, who are leading new paths of innovation on Salesforce. With the end of the year approaching, we’re not stopping at No. 1. 

We’re asking ourselves what’s next? And now’s the time to be asking yourself the same.


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