Bluewolf: Competitors Should Be Scared About IBM And Salesforce AI Partnership

May 25, 2017

Bluewolf MD Vera Loftis explains the implications behind Salesforce and IBM joining forces in artificial intelligence

Earlier this year Salesforce and IBM announced a partnership that will see the two companies combine their respective artificial intelligence (AI) systems as part of a deal to deliver joint products.

Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff had previously stated the firm’s intention to dive wholeheartedly into the potentially lucrative AI world and this partnership between Einstein and Watson is a clear sign of this strategy starting to take shape.

It was a bold move by both companies and Vera Loftis, managing director at IBM-owned Bluewolf, a specialist in Salesforce and cloud consultancy, believes it should have their competitors running scared, primarily because of the way it combines different data sets.

Speaking to Silicon at the Salesforce World Tour in London, she said: “This conversation around AI is really a conversation around data and if you look at that deal it’s bringing together both customer data from inside the Salesforce platform and it’s bringing external third party data, which is the ultimate goal.”

However, this hasn’t previously been possible, either because organisations haven’t had the right tools to be able to carry out the proper analytics or because they simply haven’t had access to the required data.

“Actually being able to predict and change the conversation to something you didn’t even know you needed takes something external so I think people will see a massive benefit in that,” she added, suggesting that the deal would likely “accelerate the conversation around AI” due to the benefits on offer.

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