Between Einstein and Watson, Bluewolf boss sees AI as a ‘now’ technology

December 13, 2016

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In a year in which Salesforce ramped up its acquisition activities, one transaction with enormous significance for the vendor’s ecosystem didn’t actually involve the CRM cloud firm itself. That was IBM’s takeover of Salesforce pureplay professional services firm Bluewolf.

Over six months later, Bluewolf CEO Eric Berridge remains enthused about the resulting impact:

“It’s been refreshingly exciting. We closed the transaction back on 10 May, so we really are now a part of IBM. It’s important to note that when IBM bought us, it intentionally kept our brand intact. We are a separate legal entity. So at events such as Dreamforce, the Bluewolf is still the Bluewolf booth. But we are now an IBM company, so we can leverage the scale and global reach that IBM brings to the table.” 

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