Augmented Intelligence In Technology: It's All Around Us

February 9, 2017

The world as we know it is undergoing a massive change as technology shifts the way we do things across all aspects of life. Similar to the human brain, technology now learns, develops insights, and creates more intelligent and relevant experiences for all.

With technologies like Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson, companies are working smarter and using technology to produce better experiences for employees and customers. Over the years, cognitive technologies have become more sophisticated, beginning with a deep understanding of data cross-references and interactions and evolving to knowledge curation, machine learning, and independent reasoning. These characteristics result in more well thought out and targeted functioning which improves productivity and creates richer experiences and strong business growth.

Cognitive is a combination of man and machine working to make humans smarter—augmented human intelligence aided by technology. The question for Bluewolf remains how to use this new technology to create the best experiences for clients and their customers. Here are a few stories that reveal the powerful potential of augmented intelligence and what it bodes for the future. 

In 2016, IBM partnered with Marchesa for the 2016 Met Gala, commencing the "Manus X Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology" exhibit. Watson technology was integrated into Marchesa's design process, creating a showstopping cognitive dress. Marchesa designs usually take six months or more, but Watson analyzed the material, colors, and popularity of over 200 gowns to help the designers speed up the process. As the pièce de résistance, the dress was covered with a myriad of lights, flashing different colors in response to mentions on social media. Watson's tone analyzer was used to determine the sentiment of every tweet and those emotions were assigned a corresponding color that beautifully lit up the dress throughout the night. So, not only did Watson decrease Marchesa's usual investment in time, materials, and staff, it also created a unique, interactive experience for all.

Within the health and wellness realm, IBM Watson for Oncology aids oncologists in the treatment of cancer patients by analyzing patient data against thousands of historical cases. Watson reads and learns from entire bodies of research data to help physicians narrow down the options and discover the best treatment. Not only does Watson speed up the process, but individualized care and treatment is becoming more accurate and precise, leading to better outcomes and more lives saved. 

Furthermore, in city planning and development across the world, cognitive computing has the capacity to assist leaders in increasing citizen engagement. It can introduce opportunities for organizations to deliver personalized experiences that improve citizens' lives and working environments and optimize program and service outcomes. 

"Cognitive software supports human decision making with more accuracy, confidence, speed, and agility based on broader and deeper bodies of evidence applied to a more comprehensive view of pertinent conditions without bias." – IDC

The exceptional element of cognitive systems is their limitless potential across industries, services, and products to create a more productive, connected, and successful world. In the case of CRM, the evolution of systems like Einstein and Watson exponentially enhances benefits for customers and employees. Imagine Watson within the context of Service Cloud—it can enable more intelligent omnichannel interactions between employees and customers to create better experiences and more successful business results.

Our goal is to bring augmented intelligence to companies of all sizes across the Salesforce ecosystem. Talk to an expert and discover how Bluewolf is creating more humanistic experiences and better business outcomes.

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