Augmented intelligence: predicting the best customer moments

July 6, 2017

A ‘cognitive’ approach can allow companies to truly make the most of their data to create better customer moments

For modern TV audiences, commercials are slowly becoming a fuzzy memory. On-demand television is moving the proverbial goalposts when it comes to how audiences choose to experience television.

There is no longer such a thing as a ‘captive audience,’ with a variety of streaming services providing seemingly unlimited content, ready to watch at any moment. The power has shifted into the hands of consumers, who now knowingly prioritise the services that make it easiest for them to find what they want, when they want it.

This also rings true in our increasingly competitive and global business world. Companies are winning and losing customers based on the quality of the customer experience they deliver. It is what ultimately decides who leads from the front, and who succumbs to total stagnation and falls behind.

So what does it take to provide superior customer moments?

Data is by far the most valuable resource companies have at their disposal, and it’s what enables them to deliver those all-important, superior customer experiences.

Data helps companies zero in on customer needs and fully understand customers’ preferences, what they intend to look for, and their usual habits. With this in mind, it becomes obvious that the customer experience will only ever be as good as the data a company has available.

It doesn’t matter what state your data is in. The key is to start using it now. Even data that you know is imperfect can be an unsung hero that can still provide your company with actionable insights, while also exposing the data quality issues that point the way for teams to make it cleaner and more robust over time. The saying “done is better than perfect” could not be more relevant for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge with their data.

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