Are we there yet? The future of unified commerce

January 4, 2018

Today, consumers have high expectations on how they want to engage and shop with a brand. They expect to be known by the brands they shop with and expect their interactions to be personal, meaningful, and most of all, easy. These changes in expectations by consumers are driving huge transformations in retail. This now requires businesses to think broadly about the entire commerce experience including both in-store and online. The impact of the digitally connected consumers plays a role in a brand success now that consumers can easily express disappointment with a quick search and a click.

Customers view brands holistically and expect that no matter where, when, or how they interact with your brand, you will bring your A game. To do this, businesses must provide a seamless, self-service option that is personalized and relevant to their shopping experience. Simply put, the connected customer is revolutionizing brands both inside and out. 

Businesses who are paying attention to these changes are consistently delivering an omnichannel brand experience (mobile, social, store, web, ads, connected devices, service centers business portals, and marketing/affiliates) along their entire consumer journey are winning!   

The challenge in this transformation process is that in looking at a unified commerce experience, businesses are identifying that there are many gaps.  Currently, there are few retailers who have been able to offer the entire end to end unified experience.  Helping to uncover where the gaps lie in the shopping experience is where we begin at Bluewolf, an IBM Company.  We use work with businesses to understand their customers’ expectations and engagement criteria and outline/prioritize collaboratively on how they can use Salesforce for the best next steps in the customer journey. 

In addition to strength in commerce, marketing, service, sales, and communities, Bluewolf excels in providing a unified, cross-cloud with Salesforce, omnichannel experience so that businesses have a 360 view of their customers. We offer a vast suite of intelligent solutions which is critical as AI, blockchain, IoT and big data will play a major role in bridging the gap to seamless commerce. 

Our AI Now™ service offerings provide accelerators for industry and cloud-specific verticals including Commerce Cloud. Combining these offerings with IBM Watson powered intelligence allows retailers to provide real-time time marketing with geofencing, intelligent marketing segmentation, chatbot integration, insights, and guided selling.

For example, an outdoor apparel brand can use IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein capabilities to capitalize on weather drivers and provide on-demand weather predictions. Using this data, they can determine which products are likely to sell, in which region, and trigger social and digital campaigns that target those likely to be motivated to purchase.

The future of unified commerce is here in many ways. The connected consumer and business users are driving the urgency of this transformation which in turn is pushing organizations to change.  

Bluewolf is at the forefront of providing intelligent and innovative solutions for retailers and businesses. Download our presentation to learn more.

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