Announcing The State of Salesforce 2015-2016 Survey

It’s here. We’ve officially launched this year’s survey for our annual The State of Salesforce Report. Now in its fourth year, The State of Salesforce has evolved from an analysis of how leading companies use Salesforce to an award-winning report that distills top engagement tactics and trends.

This year, we’re focused on how leading companies use Salesforce to actualize two common business goals — ongoing innovation and employee engagement. Keeping up with the pace of innovation can be exhausting, but companies who are budgeting for innovation, with both money and resources, may be poised for success. We’ll explore the capabilities in which they’re investing, and how they are optimizing their usage within their organization. 

Here are two of the innovation-related questions we’re asking this year:

  1. About how often does your company make changes to its own Salesforce org?
  2. How much innovation potential do you see with Salesforce at your company?

Ongoing innovation also means that both customer and employee expectations are rising. Every day, they are exposed to apps and products that make their lives easier, and have come to expect that same simplicity and effectiveness in the workplace. In this year’s survey, we’ve expanded our research into how companies are driving success by focusing on delivering exceptional employee experiences. As employee expectations rise, dedicated efforts to improve their day-to-day will enable retention, engagement, and efficiency.

Here are two of the employee experience questions we’re asking this year:

  1. How much easier is it to use your company's Salesforce instance today than it was 12 months ago?
  2. How regularly do you have to enter the same or similar information into multiple applications to do your job?

This year’s report strives to be the most robust yet. To make the 2015-2016 State of Salesforce Report even more relevant to your role and industry, please take this year’s survey. As a thank you, you’ll receive a $5 Starbucks gift card on us! Contribute today and help us shape this year’s report. 

SOSF Survey

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