AI Now - How to Start Your AI Journey

November 3, 2017

We stand at the precipice of a fundamental shift in business applications, where AI is revolutionizing how machines augment human expertise and capabilities. Many organizations have intellectually bought into AI as a necessity to achieve their business outcomes and deliver on the unspoken promise that, in exchange for information, you’ll deliver the experiences that customers expect to receive. However, despite the hype of AI, many more organizations have yet to begin their AI journey in a meaningful way. AI may sound like risky business–a gamble even–but it’s not. An investment in AI is an extension of fulfilling that same promise to customers with faster, smarter decision-making for CRM.

To that end, IBM and Salesforce formed a global strategic partnership that establishes AI for business.

What does AI for business mean?

AI unlocks business value through four key capabilities: what you understand about your customers, how you interact with them, how you answer their questions, and how you guide faster, smarter decision-making.

  • Understand: People are complex, but our digital footprints provide traces of our tendencies, habits, and preferences. AI can pick-up on our behavioral cues at an individual level. By integrating external data, such as social profiles and personality insights, businesses can empower their employees to personalize each and every customer engagement.
  • Interact: Today, a seamless experience means self-service. The shift from tapping smartphones and tablets, to using mobile voice commands, to speaking with connected devices in homes, cars, and stores is propelling a growing demand for interaction that feels more human. Chatbots with natural language processing capabilities offer a conversational interface that can literally speak your language, and is available anytime from any messaging platform. For business, AI-powered chatbots can deflect inbound customer requests or automate repetitive tasks to deliver faster customer service.
  • Answer: Instead of solving customer questions, many employees are stuck searching for answers. AI can monitor internal data to identify and surface patterns and trends, and analyze external data to assist with deep knowledge discovery. Employees spend less time mining through data, so they can accurately answer questions faster.
  • Guide: AI learns from your data to instruct next best-actions with predictive and machine learning models. Customer data can trigger personalized actions in real-time, so employees can manage their relationships with a 1:1 level of attention.

AI Now Field Guide

However, the value of AI is not automatic. To be most effective, AI requires data–lots of it, both structured and unstructured–an intuitive Salesforce UI, and business processes that support it. All of which is to say that technology alone will not enable the power of AI.

As part of IBM and Salesforce’s only landmark partnership for AI, Bluewolf, an IBM Company, and Salesforce’s longest-standing strategic partner launched an AI practice and AI Now™, twenty-five industry- and cloud-specific solutions powered by AI. Whether an organization is just starting or have already begun their AI journey, AI Now accelerators are designed to remove the complexity of adopting and deploying AI. Across sales, service, and marketing AI Now provides practical improvements to businesses process and workflows that enable companies to become customer-centric and drive measurable business goals. AI is the future for business, and it’s also a journey with multiple ways to get started.

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