The AI Mindset: Design Your Future Workforce, Now

December 5, 2017

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For many, there is a suspicion and fear that AI is as destructive as it is disruptive, signaling the end of jobs. However, it is a mistake to think AI will be the end of anything. In fact, it signifies the beginning of a new era for business and the workforce at-large. AI, Augmented Intelligence, reinforces–not replaces–the humanity of how business gets done, enabling creativity and collaboration to thrive. The intelligence, IQ, of AI not only enhances marketing, sales, service, and IT capabilities but also, our human capacity to empathize, EQ. What does this mean? While technology and AI are changing the future of work, the nature of jobs will become increasingly more “human” and subsequently, spur the rise of generalists. The workforce of the future commands a multitude of non-technical skills that cannot be automated.

Technology has progressed beyond just being a tool that we can use to do things faster. With the ability to sense and perceive, analyze and understand, and act on both structured and unstructured data inside or outside an enterprise, AI is a supplement to our professional lives–an idea you’ll hear me dive into more during my Super Session, The AI Mindset: How to Design Your Future Workforce.

AI will impact every facet of business–changing how we work, and the pace of innovation. That is why, this past March, IBM and Salesforce’s announced a global strategic partnership. With AI, organizations can automate processes and streamline workflows to improve how companies interact with customers, answer their questions or requests, understand them, and guide employees with next best-actions. It has the power to deliver immense business value, and help brands create the personalized experiences that customers demand. However, to realize its full potential requires a shift in how organizations invest their resources, develop their talent, and foster an AI mindset focused on unlocking creativity and collaboration. Together, you and AI can reshape the enterprise into the engine of innovation from the inside out, where inspiration coexists with information to nurture sense and sensibility. Your future workforce offers value that can’t be summed up in a report or displayed in a chart–with AI as a partner, the possibilities for people are immeasurable. Embrace the AI mindset, redefine ROI to achieve a return on intelligence, innovation, and inspiration.

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