7 Steps for a Successful Salesforce Implementation: Is Your Salesforce Vision 20/20?

"70% of all employees are unknowingly misaligned with your company’s strategic direction." - Harvard Business Review. When CEOs Talk Strategy, Is Anyone Listening? 2013.

Before introducing a new technology like Salesforce, stakeholders need to agree on how it will be used across the business. Establishing a united vision for Salesforce on day one, as well as the specific goals you want to achieve, will help avoid confusion later.

What is your business strategy?

The best Salesforce strategies are built with your desired outcomes in mind: acquisition, retention, cost reduction, and cross-sell/upsell. Focus on what happens after going live, and how you'll keep pace with changing needs and priorities.

  • Employee engagement is the leading indicator of your customer’s experience. Understand the processes, tools, and teams that contribute to your company’s customer experience, and focus on how Salesforce will elevate that experience. t
  • Customer journeys are made up of many moments. Evaluating attitudes and emotions help you gain insight into issues and opportunities, and should help steer your Salesforce vision.

Does Salesforce tie together business strategies, user needs, and customer expectations?

Use what you’ve learned about your business outcomes, employees, and customers to set up Salesforce so it either fixes a problem or capitalizes on an opportunity.




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