5 Reasons Why Getting Salesforce Certified Can Help You Get A Raise

January 14, 2017

In a competitive job market, there is no better time to add value to your company and to your resume. Maybe you have thought about going back to school, but don't have the time or resources. What else can you do to improve your skill set and stand out from the crowd?

A quick and effective way to increase value in the workplace is getting certified in something. Certification programs are generally not as much of a time commitment, and can instantly boost a resume. But with so many options out there, which certification should you choose?

Researching technology certifications is a great place to start. Many companies are turning to cloud based applications, such as salesforce.com, to help them streamline processes and align their sales, marketing, and customer service strategies. And salesforce.com offers various certification programs to help you get recognized as a leader in your industry. 

Need more convincing? We bring you the top 5 reasons why getting Salesforce certified can get you noticed at work or on the job hunt! 

Reason #1:  You can help boost employee adoption
Your company has implemented Salesforce. You know that the application is supposed to help streamline daily activities, but you and your coworkers are feeling lost!  Your managers are getting nervous because they just invested so much money in a platform that no one is using. Why not come to the rescue? After taking the salesforce.com certification classes and acing the exam, you will be equipped with the expertise to help you use Salesforce to its full potential. Your coworkers will be grateful to have someone in the organization to go to with their questions. And, guaranteed, management will appreciate you taking the reins to learn the application and help promote user adoption. 

Reason #2: You can help increase Salesforce ROI
Many companies do not have a solid plan to optimize their Salesforce instance after implementation. As a result, the application is often not used to it’s full potential and companies miss out on a large chunk of functionality. Once you get Salesforce Administrator certified, you are in a great position to help your company optimize and customize their instance. You will learn how to configure Salesforce--so your managers will look to you when they have strategic Salesforce questions.

Reason #3: You will always be up-to-date on each release
One of the benefits of cloud technology is that releases get automatically pushed to the application. Salesforce.com releases updates at various times per year.  Your company no longer has to wait months to tediously update enterprise software. You will have to keep your certification current, but being certified means you will be the go-to person in your company when a release is deployed.

Reason #4:  A Salesforce certification will help boost resume performance
If you are unemployed right now you know how important it is that your resume has a differentiator. Companies are getting flooded with applicants and you need to ensure that your resume does not get lost in a sea of competitors. A Salesforce competency is ranking high on job requirements and and an employer wants you to be able to hit the ground running by already knowing how to use their technology. And a certification could be the leg up that you need to succeed in today’s job market. 

Reason #5.  Be better at your job!
With a more intimate understanding of Salesforce, you will be able to quickly navigate the application and more efficiently handle customer and prospect requests. Maintaining certification will also ensure that you always know how to leverage Salesforce strategically to improve your personal processes. And you know what that means? More time at home with your dog and less time at work pulling your hair out struggling to utilize your company’s newly implemented technology!

Not sure where to start?  Bluewolf is always hiring and we support 100% of our pack to become Salesforce Certified. You can follow us on LInkedIn to stay current on how the best teams are using Salesforce.


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