4 Tips for Quote-to-Cash Adoption

Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) is a powerful application to add to your organization’s technology stack. Q2C helps salespeople sell smarter and faster by standardizing pricing, automating quotes and proposals, and growing a company’s ROI. However, deploying an application like Q2C requires a solid plan for employee adoption. Here are the four key things you must do in order to set your organization up for a successful Q2C adoption: 

1. Create solid sources of information for the different aspects of Q2C. All of the critical aspects of the quote process need to be represented by the experts within your business, so engage business leaders right away. Together, this Q2C “task force” should document products, product configuration rules, pricing, support processes, and assets — everything that supports Q2C within their business. Without digestible documentation of pricing rules, the product catalog, guidelines for how it’s organized, and what is required to convert a quote to a clean order, the transition to using Q2C will be painful.

2. Identify processes that are fragmented or difficult to support. Q2C is intended to dramatically change your sales cycle, but the business foundation has to be solid first. Supporting broken business processes with new technology is like renovating a house that sits on a cracked foundation. To build a strong foundation, start with what is working well and think about how to make that process easily repeatable. Next, consider what isn’t working well and what changes need to be implemented to improve. Over time, as these processes become finessed, you can enhance how your technology supports them and add on to your Q2C tool. 

3. Establish a single system of record for products and pricing. If you are using multiple applications, and your product catalog and pricing aren’t consistent across them, sales teams will be confused and inefficient. Establish one place where this data will be maintained, whether it’s an ERP, CPQ tool, or a central database. Make sure to consider all users in this decision. If some sales teams are using a CPQ tool, but others are using a different system for different types of quotes, then the CPQ tool is not a good place to store your pricing data. The system of record needs to be accessible by everyone and able to drive correct pricing across multiple systems if there isn’t one core tool for all of your employees. 

4. Focus on areas of biggest impact. Behind a successful adoption is a system that is engineered to work for the majority of users. Don’t build your new system around a type of quote that only accounts for a small percentage of your revenue. Look to where the biggest impact can be made. Moving from legacy systems and spreadsheets to Q2C technologies can be a tough transition. The technology should support solid business processes, enabling growth in revenue because you can now complete those processes faster and more efficiently. 

To achieve success with Q2C, work backwards from your big picture goals for your business. Understand that a truly powerful transformation starts with making small changes in how you do business right now, then supporting these solid processes with technology and tools. If you stay open to change, and focus on the processes and people that form the foundation of your business, you’ll achieve adoption success.  

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