4 Insights for Service to Plan for 2019

November 6, 2018

Service Cloud is growing to be as integral to Salesforce's core offerings as Sales Cloud, with the imperative to nurture long-term, omnichannel customer relationships stimulating enterprise investment in customer service automation. While Service Cloud is meant to handle pre-and post-sales contact, customer service is increasingly taking on a sales role as part of its customer engagement, offering relevant add-ons, upgrades, or renewals. This blurring distinction between functions is bringing about a new emphasis on forging cross-cloud processes. To broadly transform customer experience, organizations need to impact multiple customer touch points. In fact, as we found from our annual report on how the best companies use Salesforce, The State of Salesforce, the more clouds a customer has, the more likely that their employees will agree that they provide a cohesive experience across Marketing, Sales, and Service.


Based on survey data from over 2,500 Salesforce customers worldwide, we uncovered how the best service organizations use Salesforce. Here are four insights for Service teams to plan better for 2019.

  1. Make data actionable for service agents. When it’s easy for Service to collaborate with Sales and Marketing directly in Salesforce, customers feel the difference. Customer service is central to delivering a seamless customer experience, between sales, service, marketing, and commerce.
  2. Invest in chatbots. Scaling quality customer service comes with contact deflection. Chatbots simultaneously reduce costs and deliver personalized customer experience. 26% of Service Cloud users are using AI-powered chatbots, with another 12% investing within one year.
  3. Integrate a Community Cloud for your customers. Self-service deflects cases and reduces cost while empowering customers.
  4. Expand service beyond the call center. Companies are investing in Field Service Lightning to enhance operations across the entire service chain—from agent, to dispatcher, to field technician. Field Service Lightning connects teams for a more coordinated approach, saving time and money in transportation costs and elevating the customer experience.


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