3 Tips to Capture the Promise of Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud — Live from #DF15

September 16, 2015

The best companies aren’t simply analyzing their Salesforce data — they’re integrating different data sources to speed up their ability to mine huge data sets and uncover new insights. They’re arming their employees with recommended actions that help them make smarter day-to-day decisions.

In today’s Dreamforce session, “Getting Started with Wave: 3 Tips to Capture the Promise of Wave,” Adam Bataran, Senior Director of Analytics, and John Hope, Director of Analytics, delved into how Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud can enable companies to think differently and drive meaningful customer moments. 

Sales reps are already making decisions every day when interacting with customers. How can Wave influence their decision making to help achieve business outcomes? Reps need to trust the data, and trust that it’s smarter than their initial gut feeling. But while it’s easy to capture enormous amounts of data, it’s much more difficult to gather enough insights to drive a better action. If a rep can’t consume it, the data becomes irrelevant. Here are the top takeaways from Adam and John:

Tip 1: Influence reps' decision making.

  • Focus on business outcomes that are aligned to reps' goals, and that are meaningful to your business.
  • Engage with your end users to gain trust and endorsement.
  • Nurture and celebrate initial success stories to garner further trust.

Tip 2: Make data consumable.

  • Dashboards are about storytelling — they need to be clear and simple.
  • Use embedded analytics and Chatter to make analytics pervasive. 
  • Limited real estate of mobile design takes extra focus — take more time with mobile.

Tip 3: Create insights.

  • Move from reactive towards proactive with predictive analytics.
  • Build a roadmap for analytics with valuable sources of data.
  • Leverage industry best practices tools like INFA Cloud MDM to clean your data.

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