3 Case and Knowledge Management Tips You Need to Know

A service center and its agents are the backbone of customer support. But as customer service expectations continue to rise, strategies need to evolve. Is your organization keeping up? Case and knowledge management processes are integral to delivering a positive employee experience and exceeding customer expectations. Here are three of the most important case and knowledge management best practices to follow. 
  1. A single interface is key to a successful service center. When defining your organization’s case management process, take an outward-in approach — bring all customer service information into a single user interface. Agents will be more efficient, as they won’t waste valuable time logging into and toggling between different systems, while onboarding will be faster because new agents will only have to be trained in one system.
  2. Establish a real-time process for authoring and updating knowledge. Create knowledge content as agents solve issues — not after. Real-time authorship is integral to maintaining a knowledge base. Establish a process that allows agents to search for the answer; and if the answer doesn’t exist, it will enable them to request its creation and contribute their experience during or immediately after the customer interaction. Ideally knowledge creation teams are integrated enough with agents to respond quickly to requests, curate internal expertise that might already exist, and post new articles in real-time. 
  3. Track the success of knowledge.  As agents use knowledge, edit it, and improve it, there must be ways to track success and bring the best knowledge to the top. When you are choosing a knowledge management vendor, be sure to understand how the application “learns” success, and how it brings that knowledge forward based on usage and scoring. 
To see how your organization is keeping pace, Bluewolf developed the Customer Service Quiz, a short, 10-question exercise that measures your service organization against case and knowledge best practices. Following the quiz, you’ll receive a free download of 10 Ways to Improve Case and Knowledge Management, a compilation of top customer service best practices, including specific tips for Salesforce Service Cloud customers and tactics a service manager can implement now.

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