Bluewolf Beyond™

Bluewolf Beyond™

Your Innovation Strategy for Salesforce

Best Practices for Live Salesforce Environments

Does Your Salesforce Org Need a Check-up?

Bluewolf Health Check identifies barriers and a path to innovation.

Discover the Power of Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is the future of Salesforce. Make it yours too.

7 Steps for a Successful Salesforce Implementation

Proven implementation strategies for every company's unique needs.

Go-Live is Just the Beginning

An Innovation Mindset
Unlock New Business Value
Driving innovation after go-live represents an equal–if not greater–opportunity to create business impact. An ongoing program, Bluewolf Beyond™ works with Salesforce customers to continually unlock new levels of business performance.
A Return on Innovation
Increase Your Competitive Advantage
With Bluewolf Beyond™, clients gain strategic advisory and business consulting services, supported by a tech-enabled approach of multi-cloud and industry-specific accelerators, and a global network of technical experts and strategic partners.

Bluewolf Beyond™ Client Success

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Modernizing B2B Sales Processes with Salesforce Lightning
T-Mobile reduced a complex 120-click process down to just 8 clicks.
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WisdomTree Investments, Inc.
Using AI to Guide Sales Strategy and Boost Engagement
WisdomTree created an industry-first, augmented selling and decision support system powered by IBM Watson.
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News Corp Australia
Simplifying Sales and Service Workflows With Salesforce Lightning
News Corp's subscription process resolves cases faster, with 20% fewer clicks and 60% fewer screens.
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Bluwolf Beyond™
Align Ongoing Salesforce Innovation to Business Goals
Bluewolf Beyond™ is your innovation strategy for Salesforce.
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