Bluewolf Align™

Design Your Vision for Salesforce

What does success look like?

Before you can bring your vision to life, your organization needs to be aligned—across its goals, strategy, and technology.

Bluewolf Align™ is the first step to designing your success with Salesforce—not just what it looks like, but how to get there. 

We identify which customer and employee experiences have the greatest impact on your business and then determine the appropriate path to success. We prioritize and align your customer and employee needs to the technology that delivers the greatest value, designing digital experiences that fuel business transformation. 

The Bluewolf Align Difference:

  • Establishes internal consensus around a shared vision for Salesforce
  • Reduces risk by prioritizing the technology initiatives delivering greatest customer and employee value
  • Connects technology implementation to strategic business objectives and measurable results

Packages to Fit Your Needs

Workshop Base Standard Premier

For clients with limited resources who want to reduce risk by gaining organizational alignment around the strategic objectives they should pursue.

For clients who want to reduce internal friction by aligning technology initiatives to employee experience.

For clients looking to transform their business by aligning customer and employee needs to the initiatives that deliver the greatest value.

For complex business cases, we take a holistic look at the customer and employee experiences and build a technical model for success.

$20k $45k $75k $150k

Ready to design your success with Salesforce? Get started with the right plan to unlock business results.


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