AI Now™ for Service Cloud

AI Now™ for Service Cloud

Provide personalized, omnichannel customer service, 24/7
Watson Conversation Chatbot Pilot
Deflect repetitive customer requests

AI Now Watson Conversation Chatbot Pilot enables large-volume contact centers to deflect routine customer requests with a chatbot that responds to as many as ten types of customer inquiries.

Service Agent Assist
Ensure first contact resolution

AI Now Service Agent Assist enables agents to quickly find information and answer customer questions with fast access to numerous types of data across disparate systems, multiple Salesforce organizations, and third-party sources.

Omnichannel Automation Chatbot
Omnichannel customer self-service

AI Now Omnichannel Automation Chatbot resolves customer questions on your customers’ channel of choice, including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and phone, to enable seamless, 24/7 self-service.

Social Customer Care
Automate social listening at scale

AI Now Social Customer Care enables authentic, real-time customer engagement with analysis of the tone, sentiment, and content of customers interactions from social media channels.

Service Escalation with Weather Insights
Control costs and improve customer satisfaction

AI Now Service Escalation with Weather Insights integrates real-time weather information into Salesforce for organizations to manage customers’ expectations by alerting them to anticipated service issues caused by weather conditions.

Deliver personalized customer service

AI Now Service Analytics transforms contact center data, from every every channel, into insights for customer services managers to effectively train agents, and make resourcing decisions that improve customer experience.

Self-Service Einstein Bot
Deliver personalized self-service

The AI Now Self Service Einstein Bot quickly deploys a functioning bot on the Salesforce platform to respond to top customer inquiries.

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