AI Now™ for Sales Cloud

AI Now™ for Sales Cloud

Shorten sales cycles and personalize offers
Automated B2B Lead Acceleration
Improve your pipeline velocity

AI Now Automated B2B Lead Acceleration listens to unstructured market news and social channels to automatically create leads in Salesforce that are relevant for your business. Prioritize outreach to the prospects most likely to turn into customers.

Sales Acceleration Chatbot
Deliver a seamless sales experience

AI Now Sales Acceleration Chatbot provides a consistent purchasing experience 24/7, across all channels, so your sales team is free to focus on deeper engagement with customers and prospects.

Proactive Customer Retention
Reduce your customer churn rate

AI Now Proactive Customer Retention analyzes tone and sentiment across customer touchpoints, alerts employees of issues, guides next best-actions, and continuously learns from data to predict at-risk customers before it’s too late.

Intelligent Search
Access a single-view of data

AI Now Intelligent Search examines unstructured data across disparate business systems, multiple Salesforce organizations, and third-party apps and sources to quickly derive business insights.

Sales Analytics
Develop insights-driven sales strategies

AI Now Sales Analytics transforms Sales Cloud data, including pipeline trends and sales activity, into visual insights for managers to effectively coach, and make resourcing decisions that improve business performance.

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