AI Now™ for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

AI Now™ for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Create targeted campaigns and personalized messages
Social Listening & Personalization
Serve messages that resonate with target audiences

AI Now Social Listening & Personalization analyzes tone, sentiment, and content of customer interactions from social channels and integrated Salesforce clouds to help you dynamically deliver hyper-targeted marketing messages.

Intelligent Social Customer Care
Automate social listening at scale

AI Now Intelligent Social Customer Care enables authentic, real-time customer engagement with analysis of the tone, sentiment, and content of customers’ interactions from social media channels.

Intelligent Customer Segmentation
Deliver the right message, at the right moment

AI Now Intelligent Customer Segmentation helps create targeted audiences using subscriber data and browsing history. Unlock unstructured and response data and segment audiences for deeper personalization and relevancy in campaigning.

Personalization with Weather Insights
Serve customer needs impacted by weather

AI Now Personalization with Weather Insights integrates real-time weather information into Salesforce, enabling organizations to deliver relevant messaging in the moment.

Improve campaign performance and marketing ROI

AI Now Marketing Analytics transforms marketing and campaign data, including campaign or channel responses and conversion and bounce rates, into dashboards for marketing managers to develop strategies that maximize marketing ROI.

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