For 15+ years, we’ve been experts on Salesforce. Salesforce is at the heart of what we do, but our clients come to us to design, build, and innovate their customer and employee experiences. We have completed over 9,500 successful Salesforce projects globally. What makes us unique is our approach. We start with business outcomes, then use our technology-driven method to ensure our projects are meticulously scoped, thoughtfully executed, and deliver results across the business. International Data Corporation (IDC) named us a worldwide leader in the Salesforce implementation ecosystem, and HfS included us in the “Winner’s Circle” of its 2015 Salesforce Services Blueprint Report. Our annual The State of Salesforce Report provides invaluable ecosystem data that allows clients to get the most out of their investment in Salesforce.


Digital Marketing

For marketers, data is essential to delivering relevant content to the right customer at the right time through the right device. Our work with marketers focuses on data. We start with a marketing technology assessment, whether you are currently using or considering use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, or Oracle Marketing Cloud. The assessment provides analysis of your investments and processes against best practices. Then we help you select the right marketing automation solution, or optimize your existing one. Our deep knowledge of Salesforce helps us align marketing automation solutions with your IT and sales departments, working to integrate your customer data and establish a governance plan for how data moves across your different systems. Once data is trustworthy, we develop marketing programs to help you reach your marketing goals.


Mobile is the single largest disruptor across the enterprise. Mobile devices and applications are getting smarter, and capabilities like push, geolocation, and near-field communication are changing how employees and customers interact with brands. It's time for companies to put mobile first. But what does it take? It takes a new approach that puts user experience and design front and center. Our approach starts with Rep Rides. By shadowing your employees using our mobile benchmarking tool, we’re able to identify opportunities for mobile reinvention. We bring these opportunities to life in our Mobile Design Sprint workshops, in which we produce working prototypes within seven days, so you can experience what mobile makes possible now.

Change Management & Learning

Companies have traditionally focused on driving technology adoption, but it’s time to shift the focus to employee engagement. According to our annual report, The State of Salesforce, companies are 3X more likely to attribute measurable business outcomes to Salesforce when employees believe that Salesforce makes their jobs easier. Bluewolf’s approach to Change Management drives employee engagement and ensures technology improves employee performance and efficacy. We do this with Rep Rides. We shadow your employees using our mobile benchmarking tool and create comprehensive, actionable reports that make it easy to see which Salesforce enhancements will impact your users. To ensure your users are prepared for, and will embrace, new functionality, we create a communications and training plan and offer public Salesforce training, so every Salesforce Administrator can keep their skills sharp.

Cloud Integration & Development

Our annual report, The State of Salesforce, shows that 76% of companies that derive business insights from Salesforce struggle with integration and data quality. Our cloud integration team is the backbone of all our enterprise projects because we know that creating a strategy for integrating cloud data with legacy data sets is essential to success. Through the Salesforce1 Platform and its rich APIs, our technology services team is able to build everything from custom extensions of Salesforce Sales, Marketing, and Service Clouds to fully customized Cloud-based applications that can meet almost any corporate requirement. Bluewolf’s deep experience in this area also allows us to leverage substantial proprietary IP and a custom code repository that accelerates time to value for clients.


Our Actionable Analytics practice is based on the belief that making data actionable is as important as the insight itself. To help you get the most out of your customer and employee data, we offer a wide range of services like Business Outcome Strategy workshops, Analytics Maturity Assessments, implementations of data visualization, and exploration tools, like Informatica.

Cloud Governance

According to our annual report, The State of Salesforce, 64% of companies are now releasing new functionality to their Salesforce users at least monthly, up 20% from the previous year. Our clients are able to reach this speed of innovation with our Cloud Governance practice, which focuses on building policies, creating governance boards, and deploying application lifecycle technology to fuel ongoing innovation. Unlike traditional governance practices, our approach to Cloud Governance aligns IT and executive strategies, drives short development cycles, and engages the user.


Make it easy for salespeople to generate contracts at the right moment, in the field, in front of the customer, and they’ll be able to focus on where they add the most value rather than on administrative tasks. Whether you are currently using or considering use of technologies like Apttus or Steelbrick/Salesforce, our Quote-to-Cash projects apply best practices to ensure results. We begin with Rep Rides, where we shadow your reps in the field and use our mobile benchmarking tool to accurately document existing processes and identify areas for redesign. Our Quote-to-Cash projects end with Change Management and Learning activities, so every user understands the new, updated processes and the solutions powering them.