As an Apttus-Certified Implementation Partner, Bluewolf can get your company up and running on Apttus CPQ, contract management, and quote-to-cash.

Not only does Bluewolf have a team of Apttus-certified technical experts, we have finance specialists and consultants with industry-specific expertise who can understand your business.  

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Bluewolf has the ability to go beyond your Apttus implementation. We have more than 14 years of Salesforce experience and are one of only a select few Global Strategic Salesforce partners. Whether your implementation requires complex integrations with other major enterprise systems or completely custom applications, Bluewolf has the business consulting and technical consulting expertise to ensure your Apttus investment quickly generates positive ROI.

For Bluewolf, positive ROI and project success is not just about meeting technical requirements. Our approach is much more personal. We ensure your Apttus investment has a positive impact on your company’s ability to engage customers and employees. As strong believers that both customer obsession and employee engagement are becoming the biggest drivers of growth, with Bluewolf's business consulting approach, you will not have to worry about Apttus being poorly adopted. 

What to look for in an Apttus implementation partner:

  • Apttus Contract Management, CPQ, and quote-to-cash solution certified experts. Because Bluewolf is an official Apttus Implementation partner our consultants go through Apttus’ own certification process. 
  • Comprehensive Salesforce1 experience, the platform on which Apttus is built. As a Global Strategic Salesforce partner with more than 14 years of experience, Bluewolf has extensive practical knowledge from building on and integrating with the Salesforce1 platform.
  • Considers finance and business process expertise to be just as important as technical knowledge. What separates our consultants is their focus on the business challenges we are trying to overcome with our clients, rather than just achieving the technical requirements.
  • Has a people-focused approach. Implementing a cloud solution so closely tied to the daily workflows of many different employees requires a rollout approach informed by Bluewolf’s change management and adoption consultants.
  • Is comfortable with complex and sensitive data. Beyond just compliance and audit concerns, Apttus manages the flow of a company’s revenue data. Bluewolf has master data management experts and wide-ranging data migration experience. 
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