The State Of Salesforce

Bluewolf’s fourth annual The State of Salesforce Report uncovers how the best companies use Salesforce. Based on data collected from over 1,500 Salesforce customers, this year’s award-winning report shows how you can get the most out of Salesforce now.

Frequent innovation is the new standard.

In 2014, 44% of companies released changes to their Salesforce instance at least monthly. This year, there is a 20% jump in companies releasing at least monthly — and 3X as many companies releasing at least weekly. Companies have realized the importance of frequent innovation and are able to increase the quality and speed of development with application lifecycle management (ALM) and cloud governance. Read more about Bluewolf’s ALM and cloud governance offerings here.

Employee experience matters. This year, companies are taking notice.

One-third of companies cited an employee-facing initiative as one of their top three objectives in 2016, and for good reason — companies are 3X more likely to attribute measurable business outcomes to the use of Salesforce when employees believe that Salesforce makes their jobs easier. Read more about how Bluewolf’s unique methodology improves employee experience here

Data is the biggest obstacle. Period.

Nearly half of all Salesforce customers still have problems reconciling data from different sources, including other orgs — it is the top barrier to deriving business insights from Salesforce data. To gain a master view of data beyond charts and dashboards, 68% of companies will be increasing their investments in analytics in the coming year. Read more about Bluewolf’s analytics and marketing automation offerings here.

The Bluewolf Innovation Awards recognize the best companies that have achieved business outcomes by completing a large digital initiative on Salesforce and other complementary solutions. Congratulations to Australia Post, GlaxoSmithKline, and T-Mobile, our 2015 winners. Read more about the winning projects in this year’s report. To nominate your company for next year’s awards, connect with us.

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