Bluewolf is a global business consulting firm that helps companies realize business outcomes in weeks, not years. Our unique agile business consulting approach helps enterprise clients realign their internal business processes as well as  their business systems to drive customer engagement and achieve lasting, meaningful business transformation.

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With more than fourteen years of consulting experience in the cloud, Bluewolf’s leading strategic consulting, cloud implementation, change management and learning, and cloud management services accelerate the business results that perpetuate success.

Bluewolf meets its customers at different points along their journey to optimize their customer lifecycle and increase customer engagement. Wherever we meet them, we move forward together with a focus on driving business results, not just technical innovation.

Technical skills are given qualifications for any business consultant. What sets Bluewolf’s team of consultants apart is an understanding of business process and the ability to articulate technology from a customer perspective. Bluewolf also works to align a company’s most valuable asset, its employees, around change.  

Cloud technologies have made any other business consulting approach obsolete. Bluewolf’s business consultants uncover opportunities that put companies ahead of their customers’ needs, so they can make proactive business decisions instead of reactive technology updates.

Bluewolf’s focus on business results is unique. When we help a sales team adopt mobile, it is about increasing the number of customer moments in a sales professional’s day, while improving pipeline visibility for managers. We understand that focusing on expanding technology functions without specific business goals drives the wrong kind of conversation around priorities.

We also challenge the assumption that doing nothing preserves the current state of business. Saving the short term costs of consulting projects omits the larger discussion around business results. Too often this omission includes an assumption that doing nothing equates to the current reality remaining the same. Business systems that remain static in fact steadily fall out of sync with your ever-evolving business. Even if a company tried to remain the same, its clients, employees, partners, and competitors all change. Not innovating, or even just adapting, will negatively impact on your business, resulting in your business being left behind.

In 2013, Bluewolf was named a global leader in the ecosystem by IDC MarketScape. Bluewolf’s blended approach is redefining business consulting and helping organizations innovate across their entire customer lifecycle.

To learn more about how Bluewolf works with our global clients, contact us to speak with a client advisor.

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