Guide: The Changing Role of Sales


We have entered into a new era of business. Information and technology have empowered buyers to take the driver’s seat. Mobile and social media are catalysts for creating a new connected customer experience, giving them more power than ever and making every customer moment count. 

For sales teams, productivity and efficiency have long been the trusted drivers of growth and competitive advantage. However, there’s a new kid on the block—customer engagement. 

The ability to proactively listen, relate, influence, and engage with your customers is crucial for building relationships, not just closing one-off deals. For Sales, this new approach presents both challenges and opportunities to get closer to customers and deliver a differentiated customer experience. 

Download the guide to learn how to capitalize on the three ways Sales leaders are delivering growth and profitability in the new Customer Engagement Economy:

  • Engage your employees to engage your customers
  • Inject customer obsession into your sales process
  • Make sales social

In the emerging Customer Engagement Economy every touchpoint is an opportunity to increase revenue. 


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